West Elm and Pottery Barn were celebrating their 1st Birthday here in Perth!!

It is such a big honour for me to be invited, and furthermore being asked to help celebrate it. I was obviously super excited because there’s going to be cakes, donuts, and tons of food. Right? Hehe

To make it extra special, I bought some roses, because I want to give everyone one roses each. Hehe I am a super romantic dude, I know!!

It was such a blast seeing each and everyone of you on the day! Thank you so much for the kisses and hugs and cuddles, and thank you for everyone that pops by braving the rain! I LOVE YOU does not cover how I feel about you!!

Please tag me on our selife photos, I would love to see them!!

Thank you West Elm and Pottery Barn for the epic party!!

p.s. There is a rare sighting of the elusive pugachu. Did you manage to catch him?