Zomato made sure that I had my sweet treats of the day, so they sent me to The Sweet Remedy. Their outdoor area is not that big, so I begged and begged to be let inside. The big eyes begging tactics worked wonders. Ha!

Their specialty is cupshake (cupcake shake), yes you didnt read wrong. Cupcake shake!! There’s sooo many flavour choices that I really couldn’t decide which one to get. So they recommend me the raspberry oreo cupshake (i might have not get the name right). And to top it off, they also gave me the original cupcake to compliment the cupshake. I was really surprised that it wasn’t sickly sweet like other milkshake. I could actually drink the whole thing by myself. I really really love it.

If you ever needed a sweet remedy in your life, try this place!


– HomerPugalicious the pug food blogger signed out