West Elm/ Pottery Barn

Williams-Sonoma Inc

What’s more exciting than celebrating West Elm and Pottery Barn 1st Birthday here in Perth? We are so honoured to be invited and be part of this celebration! (Read more about the event here)


Pottery Barn Kids were also kind enough to send me a few of their product : Anywhere Chair (pictured above) and Icon Bath Wraps (pictured below).

Can you believe that this cute mini sofa is personalised? Mum cried a little when she saw it has Homer written on it. And of course, I have to ruin it 5 minutes after mum assembled it. It’s not my fault that the cake in this photo shoot looks super yum, that I just have to kicked it and smear cream all over the sofa. hehe

BRB I have to take a bubble bath for the event, I don’t want to be late!!

What do you think of my new bath wraps? Do I look fierce as a crocodile? hehe

p.s. Thank you for the invite West Elm and Pottery Barn, it was the highlight of my week (and year)!! I ate so much donuts and get so much hugs and kisses from everyone.

Collaborating with West Elm and Pottery Barn is a dream come true for this little puggy blogger!!