Do you ever have the difficulty of finding great quality yet elegant earphones? I do!

It’s always either good quality but looks plain, or very stylish but the sound quality isn’t that great.

Sudio solves this problem for me, they offers great quality sound while being very chic. It’s like the Ralph Lauren of earphones.

I love to just chill with my Sudio earphones and sharing it with my mum.

A little bit of background on Sudio:

Sudio founders was in New York when he ran into Phil Collins. At that time they were still on prototype stage so he can’t say anything but “Trust me, I know the feeling” when Phil Collins complain about his earphones.

From that meeting, they chose the company name to be Sudio (from Phil Collins song “Sussudio”).

Behind the scene shenanigans.

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The product we are using is Klang.