Fire Shaper

After a really long and stressful week, especially with Christmas coming up (very busy period for Santa and Reindeer), I love to unwind by doing hot yoga on Fire Shaper. They’re conveniently located in East Perth, which is really perfect for me.

“I’m not saying I’m Santa, but nobody has ever seen me and Santa in the same room. Ho ho ho.”

Fire Shaper offer different kinds of classes depending on level of experience, heat, style and time. There’s Ignite, Flow, Shape (Yoga/Pilates Fusion), etc. But as I am by no means an experienced yogi (yet), I joined their Flow class. It’s designed to allow me to work at my own level in either 45 mins, 60 mins, or 75 mins in a hot room.

See me below practicing yoga in one of their new class room. How do I do?

And guess what, if you dont like the heat, Fire Shaper is opening a second non-heated room very soon. This room would offer Workshops, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and much much more other shape classes.

Now that this Santa and Reindeer relaxed, we can go back to spreading love and joy. Also most importantly early xmaz presents.

Fire Shaper and I would like to give you the gift of relaxation by giving away 1 month unlimited yoga classes for 2 lucky winners. (Due to the nature of the competition, this is only available for Perth residents only)

Rules and condition are in my instagram post.