Daniel Wellington

I am proud to be rocking my new Daniel Wellington watch, such a classy and timeless piece. And as I am addicted to rose gold items, I cant not get the Dapper Sheffield Rose Gold. With the blue wand, Roman numerals, and black leather straps, it’s suitable for both casual and dressed up look.

I wanted to be a sophisticated pug and say dainty beautiful things, but I’m not. So here goes : it’s a really cool cool watch. There I say it. hehe

Anyways, it’s never too much to look dapper right? Even when you’re at the beach. You’ll never know who you’re going to meet.


Use the code “DWHomer” for 15% off watch purchase. Also starting 16 Nov 15 , extra NATO strap is included in the purchase. Happy early Christmas from me 🙂

p.s. Code expired 30 Dec 15