PAW DigestiCare 60™

If it’s not a well known fact yet, I should put it out there that puggies are sometime blessed with sensitive stomach (which could lead to diarrhoea) and excessive flatulence (it’s the polite way to say fart btw).

I am quite pleased to say that I am one of the blessed one. This has caused so much interesting stories within my household, my mum and dad could attest to this.

Let me start from the beginning, when I first moved to my parent’s house, I have so much stomach problems. I was rehomed to their house when I’m 1 year old, so they don’t fully know the history of my allergies/intolerance/health. My parents tried to give me the best of food, so they start giving me different kind of meat for variety. I was introduced slowly to beef, fish, kangaroo, chicken and lamb.

Little did they know that I am actually intolerance to chicken and lamb. I began showing symptom when they introduce me to lamb, the vet of course told my parents to feed me boiled chicken and rice. Which doesn’t help in my case obviously! I had on and off diarrhoea for almost 3 months, they could not figure out why the diarrhoea return as soon as the antibiotics finished.


So I proceed to keep giving them “presents” as a token of my gratitude. Sometime I leave them on the floor which is easy to clean, but sometime I try to make it more interesting by leaving them in the carpet. Few thousand dollars later for the vet bills and food elimination period, they found out it was the chicken that keep giving me problems.

Anyhow, once they figure that out, they stopped giving me chicken and lamb. But most of the time I also have odd soft stool here and there. I could also pass wind without warning with a really “delicate” aroma.


With this in mind, my mum is very excited to try PAW DigestiCare. The ingredients stated on PAW by Blackmores website are :

7 strain probiotic powder at 60,000,000 cfu / 2 g (Lactobacillus acidophilus; L.delbrueckii subspecies bulgaricus; L.plantarum; L. rhamnosus; Bifidobacterium bifidum; Enterococcus faecium;Streptococcus alivarius subspeciesthermophilus). Other ingredients include naturally fermented organic whole grains and seeds, alfalfa grass, quinoa, spirulina and other legumes and cereals to provide easily absorbed nutritional support.

She should have done more research on the ingredients but she’s just too eager to let me try. She introduced me slowly by adding half recommended dose to my dinner. Within 1,5 week, she notice improvement on my stool, it’s more firm. She also think that she doesn’t smell any odor from my fart too (she have to confirm on this, it might just be on her head).


*UPDATE as of 14 May 16 – Week 6*

After so many weeks and months of trying this product, mum is still super happy and impressed. I haven’t had episodes of funny looking poops nor diarrhoea. Even when I was out and about and begging for human food from people. Usually, I would have slightly runny poops from that, but I haven’t yet. Wohoo!

I have also not passed smelly farts too all this time, which is a shame in my opinion. It always amuse me when the human coughed and gagged.

p.s. I am also currently started trying the Fish Oil and Mediderm Shampoo.