Happy Gotcha Day!

It’s exactly 2 years ago that I found my furever home, I was already 1 year old at the time. I adopted my parents because I thought they would be kind and strong enough to handle my various problems. I was also a birthday present from dad to mum, so it’s perfect! You can’t really return that kind of presents, right!

When I first moved in my parents house, I was a very very skittish pug, I could jump and run at the littlest noise. One time, I poo-ed on the spot, because my mum startled me with vacuum noise. She was quite angry, but I told her it’s not my fault, the sound was just the most horrible sound on earth.

That’s not my only problem btw, I was not potty trained at 1 year old. So it was a quite a struggle to make me understand the concept of potty training. I was also severely terrified at human, it took my mum lots of TLC and obedience class training to make me be where I am right now. (Read more in depth story here)

It has been quite a journey for me! Two years have passed, I am now quite a confident boy. I have friends all over the world from Instagram and Facebook. I am thankful for this journey, and I believe my parents are too.



I would like to share this special day with you, I wish I could meet you. I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my puggy heart.

Thank you for your love and supports over this past years.


Big Pug Hugs,

Homer Pugalicious