Homer was a very lonely boy, he had been single for the past 2,5 years. Nobody wanted to be with him because he’s Mr Too Nice, he’s not bad-ass like the other boys. All the girl puggy seemed to always friend zoned him. So one day, his friend The Urban List set a blind date for him with a very pretty pug called Scarlet.

Homer was very excited about this date. He brushed and brushed his hair the night before. He even took a long bubble bath. He picked his favourite cologne and shirt to wear. And to top it all off he asked Bowerbird Flower to create a special flower bow tie for this date.

On the day of the date he’s very nervous. He arrived too early, so to calm his nerve he ordered ice coffee.

He waited and waited, but the girl he’s waiting for was still not there yet. He thought that he was being stood up.

After waiting for a really long time (in his mind), at last his date arrived. She’s perfect! She’s beautiful.

The date was a massive success. He couldn’t wait for the second date with Scarlet.

Epic love story to be continued.

p.s. Thank you Daphne Cafe for hosting this date.

– HomerPugalicious signed out