The day I adopted my Human

I adopted my human right when I was exactly 1 year old. I was a stud puggy, but since I injured one of my eye while playing with my sister, my breeder chose to find a new family for me.

Mum is thrilled, because she knows how hard it is to get a puggy from a good breeder. Little did she know that I was a scaredy pug. I shied away from her and dad when we first met, she should have known the sign but she’s a first time owner so she doesn’t know better.

When I first got home, I cowered in the corner. Noises scared me (the sound of vacuum cleaner & hairdryer, the noise of when mum accidentally bang something on the table, even when she open a pack of chips).

Few weeks after I got home, the trouble get worse; I started barking at people when we went for a walk. She knew something isn’t right so she called in behaviourist and enrolled me to obedience class. The behaviourist said that I was scared of people, but I love other dogs even the big one!

Long story short, with the help of the behaviourist and my trainer and lots of hard work and TLC from my mum, I got to where I am now. Now, I love being patted by stranger on the head when mum hug me. I would even go as far as being hugged by you.

Though, I am still uncomfortable if someone tries to pat me while I’m on the ground. I don’t bite (I wouldn’t even hurt a fly) but I would jump and run so fast that you won’t even have the chance to hold me, I’m a super pug you see.

Haiyaaa – HomerPugalicious the Super Pug signed out

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